Six Day War veterans raising funds to build rehab facility for disabled soldiers

11/ 5/2017

There is a select group of soldiers in the history of Israels ongoing existential struggle who either gave their lives or became disabled fighting to ensure its survival. The mission of the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization is to rehabilitate and help return the nations tens of thousands of wounded soldiers to a stable, fruitful life.

Sports Scholarships Distribution Ceremony

6/ 4/2017

In a moving ceremony at Tel Avivs Beit Halochem, 88 Scholarships totaling $145,000 USD (NIS 536,500) were distributed yesterday to excelling athletes and coaches

A Very Special Homage to Zahal Disabled Veterans

30/ 1/2017

At a moving ceremony which took place yesterday at Tel Avivs Beit Halochem, 160 members of the ZDVO were the happy recipients of a motorized scooter, donated by Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson through the Friends of the ZDVO in Israel.

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