Moving Bar Mitzvah Gift Received at ZDVO

11/ 8/2015

From Australia with love: A very moving donation was received recently at the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization from a young lad from Sydney who decided to donate his Bar Mitzvah gifts for the benefit of wounded soldiers. They defend Israel, they deserve it, he explained his decision.

Sports Scholarship Award Ceremony

9/ 8/2015

At a moving sports scholarship award ceremony on July 15th 2015, seventy four excelling athletes and coaches received scholarships totaling NIS 470,000. These scholarships are awarded to sportsmen and women for their outstanding achievements, potential and contribution in their chosen sport.

Beit Halochem Canada hosts 38 Kids of Courage

6/ 8/2015

Beit Halochem Canada, Aid to Disabled Veterans of Israel, is excited to announce that in Summer 2015 we welcomed 38 bar and bat mitzvah aged Israeli children of disabled veterans from Beit Halochem Israel.

Germany's Open Golf Championship - Shlomo Ivgy takes first place

14/ 7/2015

The Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization Golf Team, which operates under the responsibility Haifas Beit Halochem, brought great pride and honor to the ZDVO and Beit Halochem.

American Friends of Beit Halochem Introducing the Beit Halochem Florida Chapter

12/ 7/2015

Dear Friends of Israel and the United States of America, Please join us and partner with Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dezer, distinguished real estate developers both in Florida and New York, in initiating and spearheading a new American Friends of Beit Halochem (House of the Warrior) - Florida Chapter.

Beit Halochem UK Held Successful Annual Gala Dinner

12/ 7/2015

More than 350 guests of Beit Halochem UK helped raise a staggering 820,000 for disabled IDF veterans and their families. The day was Wednesday, the venue was The Dorchester and the speakers were highlyesteemed, including Lord (Danny) Finkelstein, Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub and top lawyer Anthony Julius.

Beit Halochem Canadas Celebration of Life 2015

8/ 7/2015

Celebration of Life 2015 honoured four designated heroes from Operation Protective Edge, who were wounded and who appeared in videos as well as in person to standing ovations: Sergeant Sariel Teper, Lt. Colonel (Res.) Alon Vollozny, Captain (Res.) Ofir Anidjar and civilian Nati Hakshur.

Itai Erenlib Won the Polish Wheelchair Tennis Championship

6/ 7/2015

At the singles finals, Paralympic wheelchair tennis player Itai Erenlib beat his Italian opponent and at the couples finals, together with Patrick Ben Oliel beat the Italian and British couple. He may win the ticket to the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.

The 16th Annual Wexler Bridge Tournament was held at Israels four Beit Halochem Centers

1/ 7/2015

On Friday, June 26th, 2015 the 16th Annual Wexler Bridge Tournament was held at Israels four Beit Halochem Centers in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Beer Sheva. This years tournament had 444 participants (222 pairs) a new record!

Impressive Achievements for our Athletes

21/ 6/2015

Israel wheelchair tennis player Itai Erenlib, member of Tel Avivs Beit Halochem, together with his Swedish partner, won the 1st Place in a South Korea competition. Paralympic Silver Medalist Kobi Leon, member of Tel Aviv Beit Halochems riding club, won the Bronze Medal at one of the World Cup Tournament circuit competitions held in Switzerland.

Israeli paralympic rower Moran Samuel wins gold medal at World Cup

21/ 6/2015

Samuel made history by not only shattering her own personal record, but she also broke the Israeli record while defeating the reigning world champion, Norwegian rower Birgit Skarstein.

Sports Achievements Update

13/ 5/2015

Koby Leon, Israeli Paralympic Silver Medalist (London 2012) and a member of the Hand Bike Team of Tel Avivs Beit Halochem, won the Gold Medal at the World Circuit Tournament competition.Doron Shaziri won the Gold Medal at the Germany Open Competition and secured his Place at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games,


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