Academic Scholarships Distributed to Zahal Disabled Veterans

14/ 1/2016

The 2014-2015 Academic Scholarships Distribution Ceremonies were held this past December throughout the five Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization Districts. 350 Academic Scholarship were handed out totaling some NIS 1,900,000 ($488,000 USD).

"The Tiberias Marathon: My muddy mid-life crisis" - Impressions after running the Tiberias Marathon for the Benefit of ZDVO/Beit Halochem

12/ 1/2016

The Sea of Galilee or Kinneret is in fact not a sea but a lake and hence makes an ideal location for first time runners and marathoners. The course is below sea level, flat as a billiard table (except for one small hill but more of this later) and is cool in winter.

Friends of ZDVO Celebrate Hannukah near Paris

23/ 12/2015

Hubert Habib, President of Association des Amis de Beit-Halochem en France was guest of honor at a Hannukah gathering in the Sucie en Brie suburb of Paris where he told members of the local community about the work of ZDVO and Beit Halochem, screened a promotional film and raised funds.

Chief of Staff of the IDF Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot visited Beit Halochem

20/ 12/2015

In honor of the National Recognition Day for Zahal Disabled Veterans and Victims of Terror, the IDFs Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Gadi Eizenkot, together with Commander of Manpower Directorate General Hagai Tupolianski and Colonel Yaffa Moore, Head of the IDFs Casualties Division, visited Tel Avivs Beit Halochem.

Despite the Security Situation, Courage in Motion 2015 was launched

20/ 10/2015

Courage in Motion, the annual bike ride in which dozens of IDF Disabled Veterans take part alongside riders from North America, was successfully launched this past Sunday for the eight consecutive year.

Young Leaders Fall Kickoff Event

20/ 10/2015

Close to 400 young men and women came out on a rainy night to support Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans and the heroic warriors wounded while protecting Israel during Operation Protective Edge last year. Sponsored and coordinated by the Young Leaders Committee, this event introduced FIDV and Beit Halochem to many of the guests for the first time.


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End of Year Arts and Crafts Exhibit 2015

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