Courage in Motion Bike Ride Took Place for the Ninth Consecutive Year

15/ 11/2016

People come to this beautiful yet beleaguered part of the world for all sorts of reasons. Some want to soak up some rays, others are drawn by the surprisingly varied offering of natural landscapes and historical sites, and there are those who are fired by ideological motives.

Zahal Disabled Veteran Zohar Sharon, won First Place at the ISPS Handa World Blind Golf Championship.

15/ 11/2016

This was the sixth consecutive world championship title for Zohar who, together with his caddy and coach Shimshon Levy, participated in the recent event which took place at the Shinrinkouen Golf Club, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

4 Medals for Beit Halochem Wheelchair Dancers at the 2016 European Championship.

14/ 11/2016

The IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport European Championships is a biennial event. It took place last month in Kosice, Slovakia (October 30-November 3) with the participation of 14 European countries and over 100 dancers in 3 days of competitions.

Shlomo Lazmi Wins Bronze in Tenpin Bowling World Championship

4/ 10/2016

Blind veteran Shlomo Lazmi (Tel Avivs Beit Haloachem) took part in the IBSA (International Blind Sport Association) Tenpin Bowling Singles World Championship which took place on August 23rd.

Members of the House of Lords Visited Jerusalems Beit Halochem

4/ 10/2016

Five members of the House of Lords visited Jerusalems Beit Halochem, for a very moving first time visit of its kind. The visit was an initiative of Beit Halochem UK.

Beit Halochem Runners and Cyclists Conquer Berlin

4/ 10/2016

A delegation of 20 Zahal Disabled Veterans took part in last weeks Berlin Marathon, one of the five largest marathons in the world.

Kids of Courage Brings Joy to Bar/Bat Mitzvah Children

14/ 8/2016

In July, Beit Halochem Canada brought 42 bar and bat mitzvah aged Israeli children for camp in Canada. These Kids of Courage and their three counselors each have a parent who is an Israeli veteran with a severe disability (70% or more) and member of one of the four Beit Halochem centres in Israel.

Youths from Montreal, visit Beershevas Beit Halochem As part of an ongoing program of cooperation between the cities of Montreal and Beersheva

4/ 8/2016

On Thursday morning August 4, 2016, a group of Canadian youths who are part of a program called The Junior CIT (Councilors in Training) Adventure, visited Beershevas Beit Halochem.

Dedication: The Christine Richardson Memorial Childrens Playground at Beit Halochem Tel Aviv

25/ 7/2016

On July 3, 2016, a new childrens playground was dedicated at Beit Halochem Tel Aviv. Underwritten by The Martin and Sandra Weinstein Family Foundation.

Tel Aviv Beit Halochem End of the Year Arts & Crafts Exhibit 2016

20/ 7/2016

Tel Aviv Beit Halochem End of the Year Arts & Crafts Exhibit 2016

The Road to Rio ZDVO and Beit Halochem Members of Israels Paralympic Team

20/ 7/2016

Two thirds of the athletes in the 2016 Israel Paralympic Delegation to Rio de Janeiro this summer are associated with the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization. Of these, half are veterans that were disabled during their military service and the other half have been adopted by the ZDVO and its Beit Halochem Centres over the years, training and competing under ZDVO sponsorship.

The New Paralympic Aquatic Rehabilitation Complex at Tel Avivs Beit Halochem has Opened to the Public

3/ 7/2016

After twenty months of extensive construction and renovation works, one of the most modern swimming and rehabilitation facilities in Israel has been inaugurated at Tel Avivs Beit Halochem Rehabilitation, Sports and Recreation Centre.


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