Beit Halochem Be’er-Sheva

  • Beit Halochem Be’er-Sheva

Be’er-Sheva’s Beit Halochem opened its doors on January 2011. With over 1,500 registered members, it serves a community of more than 3,000 ZDVO members and their families residing in Be’er-Sheva and the Southern District.

The 5,500 sq. meter facility is built in the city’s eastern section on an area of 4.4 acres allocated to the ZDVO by the Israel Lands Authority. The complex features a semi-olympic swimming pool, a sports hall, hydrotherapy pool, a physiotherapy wing, fitness hall, table tennis and billiards halls, a multi-purpose events hall, outdoor basketball and tennis courts and a wide array of sports, cultural and leisure activities for the members and their families.
After four years of an extensive fundraising campaign and three years after its construction began, Beit Halochem Beer Sheva was officially inaugurated on April 13, 2011.The festive Grand Opening Event was attended by some 1,000 guests, amongst them some 100 donors and friends of the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization from all over the world including Heads of Friends Organizations.
Toby Feldberg, President of Beit Halochem Canada, Aid to Disabled Veterans of Israel spoke on behalf of the Friends Organizations.


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