Become Acquainted With The Stories Of Our Brave Heroes

Amit Steinhart -“My soul is no longer the same”

In an interview with YNET News, marking PTSD Awareness Month, Amit Steinhart, PTSD-disabled veteran, tells about how he copes with the challenges of the invisible injury that changed his life: […]

Noam Gershoni, a true Israeli Hero, lit one of 14 torches at the 70th Independence Day ceremony.

70 to Israel

Noam Gershoni was an Appache pilot
severely wounded in the Second Lebanon War,
a World Champion in Wheelchair Tennis from the 2012 London Paralympic Games,
will be one of the 14 torch lighters at the Mt. Herzl 70th Independence Day Anniversary ceremony.

Israel’s story of bravery – You will be riveted

70 to Israel

Israel Cohen was a regimental commander in the Fifth Brigade when he said goodbye to his family and went to war. His heroic story represents the story of our nation.

Chag Passover sameach from Beit Halochem

Pessach, is celebrated to mark the liberation of Bnei Israel.
In fact, it represents the birth of the Jewish nation.
Pessach has several names, each represent it’s true spirit:
Feast of the Matzot, Feast of the Spring and Feast of Freedom.

She willingly gave up her leg to get her life back! Saluting Einat Malka, a Zahal disabled SUPERWoman!

International Women’s Day 2018! Delivery pain was nothing compared to the pain in her leg, Her baby daughter and she learned to walk together, She is a triathlete and a […]

Can you imagine a wheelchair dancer who can fly? Saluting Maytal Wax, a disabled SUPERWoman!

International Women’s Day 2018!

Maytal was critically wounded when a suicide bomber blew up in Tel Aviv. Her body was burned and mangled, she lost her leg, but found the courage to regain her life!

The story of Yehuda Perci

During Operation Pillar of Defense, Yehuda Perci was serving in the IDF Givati Brigade. He was wounded by a missile and lost his eyesight. However, Yehuda continues to live his life as an ordinary person thanks to the help from the Zahal (IDF) Disabled Veterans Organization (ZDVO).

Unbelievable Rescue Under Fire

Yiftach was sent with his tank to rescue 11 wounded fighters from their tank in Egyptian territory.

From London to the Battlefield

Yoel Sharon a Paratroopers reserves officer, was studying film in London when the 1973 Yom Kippur War broke out. He flew back home to fight in the war, was wounded in the Sinai and remained a paraplegic. He became a staunch advocate of sports for disabled.

Between Darkness and Light

Between Darkness and Light

When I stepped into the office of Danny Layani, Assistant to the Chairman of the Jerusalem District of the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization, he was sitting across from his computer working energetically. “Hold on! You’ve gotta be kidding me”, I said without introducing myself. “I was told I was coming to interview a blind fellow”.

Rowing Towards His Goal

Rowing Towards His Goal

During Operation Protective Edge he lost his leg, but Ron Halevi (21 yrs.) from Kibbutz Gesher in the north doesn’t give up* After a long and difficult rehabilitation process he went back to Kayaking and will soon be taking part in the World Championship for Disabled in Italy* “I live a normal life and don’t think about my injury”

Ofer Varfel

Ofer Varfel

In these very moments, Ofer can be found in the middle of a jeep tour in South Africa, together with two of his best friends from the army. Sounds pretty ordinary, doesn’t it? Ofer was declared to be paralyzed 100+ percent from the waist down after being injured while protecting his teammates in Nablus in July 2004.

Izzy Ezagui

Izzy Ezagui

It was a tense, highly stress-filled afternoon. Izzy Ezagui and his seven buddies in the Haruv Kfir unit of the Israel Defense Forces, were in a tent by the Gaza border this past January, during Operation Cast Lead — the War in Gaza.

Matan’s Bionic Leg

Matan’s Bionic Leg

When the Second Intifada broke out, Matan’s unit was sent to the Gaza Strip. There he encountered areas filled with explosive devices and booby traps. One of those devices went off, wounding him severely and killing three of his friends.


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