Beit Halochem Security & Leadership Conference

In the wake of last year’s success, we are happy to announce the second Security & Leadership Conference to be held this year April 26-30, 2020. The Conference, organized for the second consecutive year by the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization/Beit Halochem, brings together Israel’s top personalities and most respected policy-makers in the area of national security and leadership. Within the framework of the conference you will have the chance to meet the President of the State of Israel, ex directors of the Mossad and the General Security Services (Shabak), Chiefs of the IDF General Staff, experts in security and intelligence, and IDF disabled veterans wounded in the defense of the State of Israel. You will have the opportunity to hear firsthand – in intimate and exclusive meetings with the leaders who shape and protect our country – about the true situation in Israel, the reality in the Middle East, and the major challenges facing Israel today.


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