An Annual Meeting of All “Achiad” Project Groups

On June 10, 2021, for the first time since its establishment, about 100 members of the “Achiad” Program from all four Beit Halochem centers (Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva), met for an annual gathering at Ma’ayan Harod National Park.

They were joined by Edan Kleiman, Chairman of the ZDVO, Rafi Cohen Tzemach, Acting Chairman, Avi Lerman, CEO, the five District Chairmen, the managing directors of the Beit Halochem centers, members of the National Committee and organization employees.

The “Camaraderie Trail” initiated by Beit Halochem Jerusalem’s “Achiad” group, consisted of outdoor activities aimed at forging team spirit, overnight camping
, and a hike or mountain climb the following day. Following last year’s “Camaraderie Trail” journey to the summit of Masada, Chairman, Edan Kleiman requested an annual event for all of the “Achiad” groups.

Members of Jerusalem’s Achiad group, led by its founders Uri Ehrenfeld and Michael Zamir,  worked for days to coordinate and plan the event. A pioneer team of “Achiad” Jerusalem left at 06:30 in the morning to Maayan Harod
Park to set up camp.  As other other members of “Achiad” groups from around the country arrived, they were greeted with light refreshments before the start of the activity

The members took part in team building games, a show and sing-along.
Later on dinner was served that continued throughout the night with conversations until the early hours of the morning.

After a delicious breakfast, they cleaned the area, folded the tents, and set out on a geographical and historical journey of the area.
The tour began at the tomb of Joshua Hankin, “Redeemer of the Jezreel Valley Lands”. Afterwards, the members traveled to the “Shoulder of Shaul”, for an observation point on the “Jezreel Valley” and the “Beit She’an Valley” – where we received a fascinating historical review from the days of King Saul, Jonathan and King David to the time of the “War of Independence” (1948) and the population of the valley.
The members of the Beit Halochem “Ahiad” groups consider it very important to hold these significant meetings with the other members of the groups. The meeting and accommodation together with the trip makes it possible to disconnect for a short time and enjoy gratifying activities.

The gathering ended with a swim in the cool waters of the Kibbutzim River.

Our thanks to the members of the Beit Halochem Jerusalem “Achiad” group, headed by Uri Ehrenfeld and Michael Zamir, for the successful execution of the gathering.


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