Courage in Motion 2020

The 13th annual Courage in Motion, an initiative of Beit Halochem Canada, which took place October 12th, brought together (virtually) Canadian and Israelis cyclists in an extraordinary and amazingly successful event.

On registering, each Canadian cyclist was teamed with an Israeli veteran. Pairs connected prior to the ride and, on ride day, cycled together side by side in Israel and in Canada. The event, adapted this year in accordance with the COVID-19 restrictions, allowed more cyclists to participate from anywhere in Canada – including those who prefer indoor biking.

A total of 62 Israeli cyclists, disabled veterans from our four Beit Halochem centers – Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Be’er-Sheva, rode alongside their Canadian friends throughout beautiful routes across Israel, from north to south.

There was an overwhelming feeling of excitement among the riders, Canadians and Israelis, who shared their emotions about this wonderful experience and the unique opportunity to strengthen existing bonds and develop new friendships.

Lisa Levy, National Executive Director of Beit Halochem Canada, is the ride’s founder. An avid cyclist herself, she says “Each year, as this five-day journey takes us through Israel, old friends reunite and new friendships form. It is an incredible experience. However, it’s also our largest fundraiser on behalf of the men and women injured while protecting Israel for us all. With travel impossible this year, we regrouped to ensure our disabled veterans would still be helped. The one-day Side by Side has been organized with our cyclists’ collaboration and input.”


Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M
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Zahal Disabled Veterans Fund
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