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Doron Shaziri – Shooting

  • Doron Shaziri – Shooting

As a teenager, Doron began training as part of his GADNA para-military shooting training.

In 1985 he enlisted in the IDF and served as a sniper in the Golani Brigade. He completed the snipers’ course with distinction.

In 1987 he was severely wounded and lost his leg when he stepped on a mine while opening an axis near the Beaufort Fortress in Southern Lebanon.

After a long rehabilitation, he joined a wheelchair basketball team at the Tel Aviv’s Beit Halochem and a few years later joined the shooting program.  Throughout the years, he practiced both sports.

Doron manufactures custom-made wheelchairs for athletes.

Age: 54
Residence: Ramat Gan
Club: Beit Halochem Tel Aviv
Sports: Shooting
Track: 50-meter free-range shooting
Competing since 1989
Coach: Guy Starick
Athletic Achievements:

2021 A criterion was awarded for participation in the Paralympic Games at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Doron Israel National Shooting Champion (general, not disabled) for 2018.

Has 8 Paralympic medals (4 Silver, 4 Bronze) from seven games (Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London and Rio), in addition to several international and European titles.


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Zahal Disabled Veterans Fund
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