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Inauguration of a Ninja Pool System at Beit Halochem Tel Aviv’s Hydrotherapy Pool.

  • Inauguration of a Ninja Pool System at Beit Halochem Tel Aviv’s Hydrotherapy Pool.

Thanks to a generous donation of the Al Roadburg Foundation, through the Canadian Friends of Beit Halochem, (Aid to Disabled Veterans of Israel, Beit Halochem Canada), a new and unique rehabilitation system was inaugurated at the Hydrotherapy Pool of Tel Aviv’s Beit Halochem- The Ninja Facility.

About two years ago, the idea came up to convert the conventional Ninja Systems into a means to provide our members with challenging, physical activities in a safe, guarded and fun environment.  The system would be built above the pools, so that the advantage of the water’s buoyancy would enable anyone to use it the way the Ninja competitors use it on land.

“The Ninja facility allows the IDF disabled veterans to be rehabilitated through innovation, motivation, fun and challenge”, stated the chairman of the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization, Adv. Edan Kleiman, while cutting the ribbon.

The Chairman of the organization came up with the idea and brought the dream to fruition together with Eli Birnbaum, Chairman of the Israel Association of Sports for the Disabled and the Israel Paralympic Association and Dr. Moshe Shemma, Executive Director of the Zahal Disabled Veterans Fund.

The facility in Tel Aviv is an initial pilot that will be tested in the coming months, after which similar systems will, hopefully, be installed at the other Beit Halochem Centers and Beit Kay.

Dr. Moshe Shemma, rightfully pointed out: “The true and greatest thanks goes to all those members using the facility, whom we cherish and salute every day”.

Our thanks to Barak Tzur and his company “Switch Active”, for the initiative and execution in close cooperation with the hydrotherapy management and the head physiotherapist at the organization, for planning and implementing the system.

Thanks to the Logistics Division of the organization and the Director of Beit Halochem Tel Aviv for the support, and assistance through the entire process, as well as to everyone else who was involved in this important project.


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