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Israel Marches and Salutes the Wounded of Israel’s Wars and Hostilities

  • Israel Marches and Salutes the Wounded of Israel’s Wars and Hostilities

Like every year, the National Day of Appreciation for the Wounded of Israel’s Wars and Hostilities begins with extensive marches throughout the country, from the Dan River up North, to Eilat in the South and a host of other events in which the moving stories of the IDF’s wounded veterans are heard.

At the main event in Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park, amongst the marchers there were thousands of disabled IDF veterans, soldiers, students, Government Ministers, the Chairman of the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization, employees of the organization and Beit Halochem, and civilians who came to honor the wounded, all were accompanied by the IDF Band.

 The “Marching and Saluting” event is held in collaboration with the IDF Disabled Veteran’s Organization, the Rehabilitation Division of the Ministry of Defense, the IDF Casualty Division, the National Fund for Israel and other partners.

The Chairman of the IDF Disabled Veterans Organization, Adv. Edan Kleiman said, “Our beloved country is home to approximately 60,000 disabled veterans who face daily, bravely and courageously, physical and mental injuries.  They struggle in their daily lives with a wide spectrum of challenges, and disabilities that are sometimes unbearably harsh. We at the IDF Disabled Veterans Organization work every day to rehabilitate, to offer a place that is a home, and to cherish the IDF Disabled Veterans. This day, the nationalday of appreciation of those disabled by Israel’s wars and hostilities, is the one day of the year when we all pause to appreciate pay tribute to those who sacrificed their bodies and souls for Israel’s security.”

View photos from the march routes across the country:

Photos: Shlomi Yosef

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