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Moran Samuel – Rowing

  • Moran Samuel – Rowing

Moran started as a (regular) basketball player in Israel’s young women’s team. In her military service she was an outstanding athlete.

Moran underwent a rare case of spinal cord aneurism at the age of 24 and after a long rehabilitation joined the wheelchair basketball team at Tel Aviv’s Beit Halochem. In 2010 she moved from the basketball branch to individual rowing.

Moran has a BA in physiotherapy and an MA in child development and specializes in child and infant care.

Today she works mainly as a lecturer in the field of empowerment.

Age: 39
Marital status: Married + 2
Residence: Tel Aviv
Club: Beit Halochem Tel Aviv
Sport: Rowing
Individual / Group: Single boat
Seniority in the rowing branch: since 2010
Coach: Dima Margolin

Personal achievements:

2021: Silver medal at the European Championships.
2019: Bronze medal at the World Championships and achievement of the criteria for the Tokyo Games.
2015: 6 medals at World Championships, including a Gold medal.
2016: Bronze medal from the Paralympic Games in Rio
2012: 5th place in the Paralympic Games in London.
15 international medals in various competitions.

Photography: Maren Derlian / Detlev Seyb


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