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Pascal Berkowitz – Kayaks

  • Pascal Berkowitz – Kayaks

The 17-year-old Parisian girl with a career as a dancer, slipped on a snowy day and fell under the wheels of a moving train. Both of her legs were amputated. Upon her rehabilitation, she immigrated to Israel, volunteered for the IDF and was the first soldier in a wheelchair. She turned to Paralympic sports, initially in Academic Rowing, participated in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, later specialized in Hand Cycling and came to the London 2012 Games, to the Rio 2016 Games as a kayaker.

Pascal is the only athlete in the world to have participated in 3 Olympics in 3 different sports.

Age: 53 years old
Club: Beit Halochem Tel Aviv
Trained at the Daniel Rowing Center in Tel Aviv
Marital status: Married and mother of two daughters
Coach: Vitaly Dorzd

Achievements in Olympic Kayaking:

In 2021 came in sixth place in the criteria competition in Hungary
In 2019 won a Bronze medal in Hungary
In 2017 won a Silver medal at the World Cup in Hungary


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