Members of the House of Lords Visited Jerusalem’s Beit Halochem

Members of the House of Lords Visited Jerusalem’s Beit Halochem

Posted In: 26/03/17       ZDVF - Zahal Disabled Veterans Fund      

Five members of the House of Lords visited Jerusalem’s Beit Halochem, for a very moving first time visit of its kind. The visit was an initiative of Beit Halochem UK.

The Lords met some of the members of Beit Halochem, including Ro’i Ben Tolila, a member of the National Wheelchair Basketball Team, who shared with them his personal story of injury and rehabilitation.

They also met Dan Layani, who lost his eyesight during the 1982 First Lebanon War and whose optimism and positive spirit touched them deeply. During the tour they shot at the shooting gallery, watched the archers practice, were in awe when a couple of wheelchair ballroom dancers performed brilliantly and finally listened to the Beit Halochem Choir.



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