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“The Second Lebanon War”

“The Second Lebanon War” is the official name given to the military operation held in the summer of 2006. The war began on July 12th and ended on August 14th.
During this period, IDF forces entered Lebanese territory, and thousands of rockets were fired from Lebanon onto settlements in northern Israel. In the 33 days of the war 164 Israelis were killed, 119 soldiers and 45 civilians, hundreds were wounded. Some 400 new disabled veterans joined the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization.
On July 12th 2006, Hezbollah executed a preplanned artillery attack across the northern Israeli border. Simultaneously, two IDF patrol vehicles were ambushed. In this attack three soldiers were killed, two were wounded and two others – Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, were abducted by the Hezbollah.

On this day we remember the fallen soldiers. We stand firmly
committed to support our wounded veterans for whom the battle hasn’t ended.


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