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The story of Rotem Inbar

  • The story of Rotem Inbar

Rotem Inbar – served as a combatant in the Special Recon Commando of the Nahal Infantry Brigade, served on the “Sufa” Outpost.
He was wounded on October 7 when the terrorists infiltrated their base.
“South of the Gaza Strip, in front of Rafah, the unit’s role was to protect the surrounding settlements
Half of the fighters went home that weekend.
He goes to the border at five in the morning and the Rapid Response Squad  is ready on standby. Normal routine procedure.
Suddenly there was a terrifying barrage of rockets from all directions. Before the siren we heard booms and realized that something was not normal, we got into our uniforms, took our weapons and ran to a protected area.
Many rockets fell near them.
The Company Commander was distraught, updated that there was an intrusion, we were unaware of the numbers,  but we went on heightened alert.
The special lookout post reported that she had no cameras.
Non-stop shooting. We jumped to the front guardhouse, heard a shot, tried to understand
One of the fighters recognized someone suspicious.
See an RPG, the outpost is surrounded but we had no idea that was the case.
Amir the senior officer went up for observation.
The rear guard suffered the hardest blow.
A battle on three fronts. Attacked from all directions.
We had shots, whistles inside the outpost.
It took us a few seconds to come to, we realized that they had inserted their rifle barrels in the holes and we realized that we had no protected place.
Our outpost was under a three-pronged attack.
The terrorists manage to break through the gate. The fighters realize that only the dining room remains the most protected.
The wounded lie in the back, Rotem sees the terrorists right in front of his eyes. He hears the grenade hit the floor
Two meters from me, I realized it could kill me
There was a strong barrage of shots, I aimed my rifle towards to the entrance
I had a feeling that if I left the door no one would get out alive.
The grenades kept coming at us.
One of the grenades exploded next to me, the whole leg was in shreds, they put a tourniquet on me.
Excruciating pain.
We are being shouted at in Hebrew, raise your hands..
The grenades did not stop.
The terrorists managed to blow up the back door of the dining room.
Only at half past one did a combat helicopter arrive. Fires a missile from the air while the soldiers are below.
We felt hope, that there was a chance we would win.
Then the fighters of Shayetet 13 (Naval Commando) at 14:30 broke into the outpost and the helicopter arrived to evacuate the wounded.
It took them several hours to take control of the outpost.
In the end, unfortunately, the civilian residents were hurt, but we did our best.”


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