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The Story of Shalom Shitrit

  • The Story of Shalom Shitrit​

The First in his Platoon to Face the Enemy

The Unyielding Courage of Sergeant Shalom Shitrit

Sergeant Shalom Shitrit, a valiant fighter in the Golani Brigade, exemplifies the triumph of the human will as he recounts the harrowing events that forever altered the course of his life. His willingness to embark on the long, complicated journey to recovery – which includes relearning to manage and live daily life without a leg – is a testament to the strength that lies within his heart and the hearts of those who have faced the “Swords of Iron” War.

Right after the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas terrorists on October 7th, 2023, Sergeant Shalom Shitrit was called to duty. He was to enter the Gaza Strip and confront and fight the very essence and the source of terrorism on the battlefield.

As he begins to recount his experience, Shalom’s initial words echo the disbelief that he survived the ordeal. “I still don’t understand how I am alive,” he says, and you immediately get the feeling that what he is about to share is a story of unimaginable bravery and the profound challenges that lay ahead.

Shalom was the first in his platoon to face the enemy, mere meters away from a terrorist who shot him, wounding him critically. In the chaos and violence of that moment, for Shalom there was only excruciating pain and the quick realization of the severity of his injuries. He was evacuated back to Israel and Israeli medical teams fought for his life for an entire week. The gravity of the situation was such that doctors decided to advise Shalom’s family to come and bid him farewell. Hope was dim. But Shalom proved tenacious. He wanted to live. He defied the odds and clung to life, emerging from the brink of death.

“When I opened my eyes for the first time since Gaza, I thought I was still in the war,” Shalom shares, revealing the disorientation that accompanied his return to consciousness. The desire to rise and rejoin his fellow soldiers in the ongoing battle was met with the harsh reality that his body would not allow him to do so. In a poignant moment, he lifted the blanket to find the absence of his right leg, a painful revelation that struck deep into his being.

As Shalom grappled with the shock of his newfound reality, he says “It felt like I had lost my leg to help save the other soldiers who were still fighting.” Amid personal tragedy, his thoughts and feelings were still connected to Israel’s greater cause and his friends in the military.
From the severe wounds that almost claimed his life to the unimaginable challenges of rehabilitation, Shalom’s story shows the enduring power of the human spirit. As he forges ahead on his path to recovery, we will be there with him at every step of the way and ensure that he continues to pursue his dreams, whatever they may be.


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