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The story of Yosi Amzaleg

  • The story of Yosi Amzaleg​

Yosi is 26 years old. He is single and lives in Beer Sheva. He was a fighter in the Police in the Negev BSM unit.

On October 7, 2023, Yosi was wounded in Ofakim at Rachel Edri’s house. Rachel was the one who distracted the terrorists with her cookies on October 7th, when terrorists held her and her husband hostage in their house. Yosi did not get any cookies while he was there. Instead, he was wounded from shrapnel in the forearm, elbow and chest area.

“I arrived at Beit Halochem for my rehabilitation. I am working mostly on the pain and flexibility of the palm of my hand. They also help me work on my scars. I am given exercises to do at home, too. I feel cared for and not alone. They do not make me feel like an item on a ‘to do list’, despite the large number of wounded people since October 7, 2023, who have come to Beit Halochem. I have been treated with a warm attitude. They encourage me to come. I get voice messages. The availability and effort are amazing”.


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