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Un route to Paralympic Games

  • Un route to Paralympic Games

Paris 2024 Paralympic Games

The Paralympic Games in Paris will take place between 28 August – 8 September, 2024, about two weeks after the end of the Olympic Games.

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

The 2020 Paralympics branded as the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, was an international multi-sport parasports event held from 24 August to 5 September 2021 in Tokyo, Japan.

The Games have been held at the same facilities where the Olympic Games are held and under the same organizing committee.

The games hosted 4,350 athletes from 170 countries in 22 sports.

Israel’s 33 member National Team to the Tokyo Paralympic Games is composed of athletes from different clubs throughout the country.  Out of these, 18 are athletes training at the Beit Halochem Centers, 5 of which are Zahal Disabled Veterans (marked by an asterix* on list below).

The athletes include 8 swimmers, 7 rowers, 4 tennis players, 6 goal ball players, 2 shooters, a table tennis player, a kayaker, a powerlifter, a Boccia player, a badminton player and an iron ball thrower.

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games – Schedule of Competitions:

25.08.21Goal BallWomen’s Goal Ball TeamGroup19:00-20:15
26.08.21Goal BallWomens Goal Ball TeamGroup20:30-21:45
27.08.21RowingMoran SamuelWomen’s Single Boat09:30-10:10
27.08.21RowingShmulik DanielMen’s Single Boat10:10-10:50
27.08.21RowingQuartetQuartet Boat11:30-12:10
28.08.21RowingMoran SamuelWomen’s Single Boat09:30-10:10
28.08.21RowingShmulik DanielMen’s Single Boat10:10-10:30
28.08.21Goal BallWomen’s Goal Ball TeamGroup17:30-18:45
28.08.21RowingQuartetQuartet Boat11:30-12:10
28.08.21Wheelchair TennisYossi SaadonSingles Quad11:00-20:00
29.08.21RowingShmulik DanielMen’s Single Boat09:30
29.08.21RowingMoran SamuelWomen’s Single Boat10:30
29.08.21RowingQuartetQuartet Boat1030
29.08.21Goal BallWomen’s Goal Ball TeamGroup14:45-16:00
29.08.21Wheelchair TennisYossi SaadonSingles Quad11:00-20:00
30.08.21PowerliftingPolina KatzmanWomens Single16:30-17:35
30.08.21Wheelchair TennisWeinberg & SaadonCouples Quad11:00-20:00
31.08.21Wheelchair TennisYossi Saadon Singles Quad11:00-20:00
01.09.21Goal BallWomen’s Goal Ball TeamGroup13:15-16:15
01.09.21ShootingYulia Chernoi50 m prone09:30-10:20
01.09.21Goal BallWomen’s Goal Ball TeamGroup17:45-20:45
01.09.21BadmintonNina GorodetskyWH118:00-22:00
01.09.21Wheelchair TennisWeinberg & SaadonCouples Open11:00-20:00
01.09.21Wheelchair TennisWeinberg & SaadonCouples Quad11:00-20:00
02.09.21Goal BallWomen’s goal Ball TeamGroup13:15-16:15
02.09.21Goal BallWomen’s goal Ball TeamGroup17:45-20:45
02.09.21BadmintonNina GorodetskyWH109:00-21:00
02.09.21Wheelchair TennisWeinberg & SaadonCouples Quad12:00-20:01
02.09.21Wheelchair TennisYossi SaadonSingles Quad12:00-20:01
03.09.21ShootingDoron Shaziri3X 40X50
Three Positions
03.09.21Goal BallWomen’s Goal Ball TeamGroup13:15-14:30
03.09.21Goal BallWomen’s Goal Ball TeamGroup17:45-19:00
03.09.21BadmintonNina GorodetskyWH109:00-21:00
04.09.21BadmintonNina GorodetzkyWH109:00-21:00
04.09.21Para CanoePasqual BerkowitzSingle Kayak09:44-09:58
05.09.21ShootingDoron Shaziri50 m proneSemi Finals Gold,
Semi Finals Bronze
05.09.22shootingYulia Chernoi50 m prone09:30-10:30

The ZDVO/Beit Halochem Athletes

Tel Aviv’s Beit Halochem:


Doron Shaziri*

Julia Chernoy


Moran Samuel in a single boat – women

Shmulik Daniel* in a single boat – men

Quartet Rowing BoatBarak Hatzor*, Achiya Klein*, Simona Goren, Michal Feinblatt and Marlina Miller serving as their Helmsman.


Pascal Berkowitz

Wheelchair Tennis:

Yossi Saadon*

Goal ball:

Women’s team in goal ball for the blind and visually impaired:
Lehi Ben David, Ilham Mahmid, Roni Ohayon, Uri Mizrahi, Gal Hamrani, Noa Malka.

Haifa’s Beit Halochem:


Nina Gorodetsky

Jerusalem’s Beit Halochem:


Polina Katzman


Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M
Branch No. 93200/18
Iban: IL69 0106 3100 0000 9320 018

Zahal Disabled Veterans Fund
49 Shmuel Barcay St.,
Tel Aviv, 6139201