Victory in the midst of COVID-19

  • Victory in the midst of COVID-19

It’s not every day you see a photo like this:
The two captains at the State Cup Finals award ceremony.

Yesterday (Monday) Israel’s Minister of Culture and Sport Mr. Hili Tropper awarded the Wheelchair Basketball State Cup to the Ila”n Ramat Gan captain Asa’el Shvo, who chose to invite the rival team’s captain (Tel Aviv’s Beit Halochem) Peleg Salzman, to join him.

This gesture marks the true victory – victory over the COVID-19, the perseverance in training of both teams as well as many other wheelchair basketball teams throughout the country who continued training, even when they were locked down in their homes, even when it was forbidden to have any physical contact, kept on training, not knowing when or how the league would ever begin again, but they went on training.

Photographer: Benny Meshy


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