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Women’s Goal Ball

  • Women’s Goal Ball

(for the blind and visually impaired)

The team consists of 6 visually impaired or blind young athletes, players from the School for the Blind and Beit Halochem Tel Aviv.

The selected companies are:

Lehi Ben David, 26, she and her twin brother, (player as a scorer in the men’s team)
Gal Hamrani is 29 years old
Roni Ohayon is 22 years old
18-year-old Noa Malka
Uri Mizrahi, 27
Ilham Mahmid, 30, married to Michal Rosin, captain of the men’s team in goal ball.

Coach: Raz Shoham
Assistant Coach: Vered Avnaim

World Championship in Seoul 2015
The team participated in the 2016 Rio Games
In 2019, the girls won a Bronze medal in a criteria competition in the United States
A Silver medal at the European Championships in Germany, which secured their ticket to Tokyo

Raz Shoham – Goal Ball of the Women’s Goal Ball Team

Raz’s father was a member of Tel Aviv’s Beit Halochem and as a child Raz grew up at the Beit Halochem and took part in activities.

Raz has a BA degree with a specialization of working with Disabilities from Wingate Institute. 
In 1997 he began coaching at Beit Halochem.
And in 2007 he coached the Israeli national team and the women’s goal ball team.
Today he still coaches the women’s team and is the branch coordinator of Goal Ball at the Tel Aviv’s Beit Halochem.


Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M
Branch No. 93200/18
Iban: IL69 0106 3100 0000 9320 018

Zahal Disabled Veterans Fund
49 Shmuel Barcay St.,
Tel Aviv, 6139201