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Yossi Sa’adon – Wheelchair Tennis

  • Yossi Sa’adon – Wheelchair Tennis

48 yr. old Yossi Sa’adonHas practiced and played wheelchair tennis for the past 15 years. Over the years, Yossi has participated in many tournaments and championships in Israel and around the world.

Yossi, ranked 22nd in the world, received a free ticket to the Tokyo Olympics together with Shraga Weinberg from the Spivak Club.

Saadon, a disabled IDF veteran, wounded during his service in 1992,  was first classified as a quad just before the 2019 World Championships and since then he has advanced in the world rankings when today he is in 22nd place, which was enough to get the ticket to his debut at the Games.

Age: 49
Family Status: Single
Residence: Tel Aviv
Club: Beit Halochem Tel Aviv
Sports: Wheelchair Tennis
Individual / Group: Couples (with Shraga Weinberg from the Spivak Club)
Coach: Rotem Sela

Personal achievements:

2020 – Yossi and Shraga have a joint doubles title from a tournament held in 2020

Rotem Sela – Wheelchair Tennis Coach

In the last six months, has been coaching Yossi Saadon at Beit Halochem Tel Aviv about 4 times a week. This will be his second Olympics, after the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Rotem strengthens Yossi “Yossi is a serious and goal-oriented trainee.  I am honored to train him.”

“We are excited for the Tokyo 2020 Games and promise that we will do our best to bring honor to the IDF Disabled Veterans Organization and to Israel.”


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